Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I am Female.

I am female. Here me roar. No, really.  I'm serious. Ok. I'm half serious. We females have a once in a month while grumpiness. You hear me ladies? Can I get a "holla?" It is expected. It is reoccuring. However, it still sucks. I'll call it Pissed-off  Maddening System-overload. My once in a month while gets me every single time. All little life instances annoy me. I can't get over it. It's hard for me to find the happy. Today,  I am thankful for all of my body regardless. Within this inside tension that is, I get to use my body to walk it out furiously, even in this ninety degree weather. I get to bend, stretch, breathe, and stay strong at yoga amongst my inner chaos. For this, I am grateful. Now, I'll try to stop being a little shit and focus on the happy. Lord knows that we can all use a little happy in our lives... and chocolate. I'm wishing you calm during your inner storm and peace throughout your beautiful chaos. Happy Tuesday! 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rock On with your Bad Self

In which picture do you think I feel like my bad ass self?

All of them! Some days I feel like a total asswipe of a mom and wife, but you now what? I got this. WE got this. Whether I'm taking lazy selfies in the first baby months with my kids for entertainment, getting my rock on in my 80's Goonies tee, or dressing up for date night with my hubs, I got this. Everyday is not sunshine and rainbows, but we all do the best we can. We show up and do this adult thing every single day. The moments may seem like forever and a day, but how quickly they do go past. I am grateful for this thing called life. Let's let our light shine in these moments. Be bright, Bloggies. Have a beautiful day! 

Make it Happen.

There are more times than less that we feel like "moms" (whatever that means, but you know what I mean, right?). What makes you feel like "You?" Sometimes all it takes is a little time to put some makeup on and a favorite comfy hat. I swear, it's the little things in life for me. Whatever your style is, work it. Make it work. Make it happen. For you. Stay happy. Stay sassy. Stay beautifully you. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

True Mommy Fashion

What else would you accessorize a "boo boo" with? Even if I had somewhere fancy to go today, I would still rock it. It's these little things in life that make us human. Kid band aids are a way to show you are living life, not taking it too seriously, and enjoying the moment. Or... You don't even own adult band aids anymore! Either scenario is the truth. Am I right? Stay beautiful, beautyFULL mamas. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mom! Mommy. Mama! Mom.

Is anyone else going summer crazy? We are having a glorious summer. Our mornings are consumed with a napping baby, but that give the bigs time to use their imaginations and play together. It also gives me time to plan the rest of our day and enjoy a second cup of coffee. However, man! Are these dogdays of summer tiring. These kids are up my butt for the better portion of the day. I'm ok with it most days. This is my life. This life is great. This life is happy and fulfilled. For this life, we are grateful. When does school start? And, are you wearing your sunscreen? Don't forget ladies! Stay beautiful. Smooches!