Tuesday, March 22, 2011

70's Flair

The Today Show is my news. I'm not a huge news watcher, and this gives me just what I need: the big headlines and weather, followed by light subjects to get my mind off of the horrors of the world. I figure since I am home most mornings with my toddler, Lil' C, and most of you ladies are out making some dough, I can start filling you in on what Matt, Meredith, Ann, and Al are up to. Or, it will most likely be what Bobbie Thomas is up to-their beauty correspondent. 

 I remember my mom always telling me that one day the styles she wore growing up would be back in style. She was right (aren't mom's always *eye roll*?)! Anyhoo, I am so excited that the hemlines are getting longer-at least for this season! I can't get enough of the maxi dress. It's the perfect thing to throw on while running errands with my son and still manage to look like I care just a little bit about what I look like. It can go from day (with flip flops) to night (with heels or wedges). Just throw on a fitted denim jacket or cardigan for work with some appropriate accessories, and you're good to go!  Don't even get me started on wedges...love them! And, the high-waisted pants? They rock! They look so chic with a flouncy lil' blouse or even a nautical tee and skinny belt. I love how the pants are so long, they just about touch the ground. That makes your legs look a mile long! Hmm...what else? The jumpsuits I could do without. I tried one on once. That would be the last time. But the fit and flare jeans? Oh! The fit and flare jeans!! They are so great, especially after the seeing so many skinny jeans. I mean, I love my skinnies, but it's nice to have a different and fun option other than "bootcut," which frankly means boring. The flare are wonderful for those who can't do skinnies (although Levi's has a line of skinny jeans out that will flatter just about anyone), because the flare is quite proportionate to wider waistlines and hips

Thanks again Today Show for giving me the most information in the shortest amount of time. Lil' C doesn't care too much for the news, but I do make him say hi to all y'all in the morning. Then, we watch the weather and go get dressed and start our day. 

Sidenote: I plugged in a special link to my sis-in-law's blog for working moms. She's super! You should check it out. 


  1. I have to agree with the jumpsuits, but I see them in children's shops and can imagine my baby in them. They might be cute on her and not me. However, she might want to kill me when she gets older after seeing pics of her in a jumpsuit? LOL.

  2. Funny Thai! I felt like a baby in a onesie. My mom and I were in hysterics!

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