Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Wanna Know!

Clinique has come out with a mascara called "Bottom Lash Mascara." It's claim is: "Small by design. So bottom lashes can show off. Big time."

I wanna know what you think? Would you spend $10 for a mini mascara meant only for your bottom lashes. I most certainly would NOT! It's a horrible marketing gimmick (although the tube is cute). Regular mascara works just fine. Boo to you, Clinique, well, for lots of things, but this mascara isn't going to be a great money maker. You just watch!

Tip: hold your regular mascara wand vertically and lightly brush the tip of the wand across those tiny lashes, and that should do the trick.


  1. Considering I'm lucky if I even wear mascara, I would not purchase a mini one, too. Seems silly to me!

  2. I would not consider it for myself, but they do have a good marketing scheme. Every time I have ever used mascara for my bottom lashes they tend to smear or make a mark on my face. Then I just look silly.

  3. I love Clinique, but I won't be purchasing this... I actually don't feel the need to wear any kind of mascara on my bottom lashes, hehe.