Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Genius Idea

mark Pro Glimmer Hook Up Lip Powder
This idea, although not new, is GENIUS! It's called Pro Glimmer Hook Up Lip Powder by Mark. Yes, a lip powder. This is the secret makeup artists use primarily for photo shoots and glamorous nights out. Applied on top of lip stick or gloss, it gives the lips a very sexy pout, making them appear more voluptuous. You can even apply a teensy amount right on the cupid's bow for a bigger plumping effect. Apply it under the lips to create more staying power for what is on top, whether it be lipstick or gloss. The Peek color is a light pinkish/nude that would compliment most lip shades. Besides, I'm sure most of you readers out there are "nude lip" kinda gals. If not, more power to ya!! There's a color for you, too. 
Mark also has these things called "hook ups" where you have a dual sided wand, with, say, a gloss on one end and a glimmer powder on the other. Great combo! They also have a tweezer and brow gel hook up. Which, by the way, is another GENIUS idea.That might just be my next product review!
Take a look for yourself. The reviews on their website is very helpful, too! Happy shopping!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  1. HI Dawn! I love this, and I NEED to follow a beauty blog! Great information! Thanks again for sending your comment via email! Can't wait to read more from ya!

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