Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Wanna Know!

I wanna know what you think of Katy Perry. I can't quite figure her out. She is gorgeous. Have you seen her on the cover of People Style Watch? 
Her makeup is impeccable, and those eyes are hypnotic! But, her music? It's so cheesy. Albeit, she has some catchy tunes, but her look and music, to me, don't add up. So, I wanna know! Is Katy Perry on your iPod or not? 


  1. Nope, definitely not! But I agree, she surprised me with how pretty she is sometimes

  2. she is unique. that is about all I can say.

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  3. Nope,she's not on my ipod... She was on those proactive commercials so maybe she uses that to keep her skin looking so great.
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  4. Definitely NOT.
    BUT, she is gorgeous & stunning with those eyes against that black hair!

  5. Haha! She is definitely on my iPod! Well she was until I put it through the wash. Boo :(

  6. Nope, she is not on my ipod. Her tunes are catchy, (and I hate myself a bit for saying that) I decided I can enjoy it on the radio, but I won't buy it.

  7. Hey now, I adore Katy Perry! Her sophmore album (Teenage Dream) is absolutely wonderful and is definitely on my iPod.

  8. The one song of her's that I posted on my blog this morning - that's the only one I like of her's. She is really pretty though - but she's too much of an attention whore I think. I think if she'd tone it down a bit and sing about things that are more her style, instead of attempting to catch everyone's attention - she'd be a lot better off.

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