Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why Do I Breakout After Waxing?

I had a reader question yesterday. "Why do I breakout from waxing? How can I prevent it?" This is such a common occurence, that I had to share it will you all.   

The breakout is your body’s healing response to the follicle being traumatized. A salicylic acid spot treatment can help take down the breakout bumps by cleaning the follicle and reducing inflammation. If you have a love/hate relationship with salicylic acid, like me, then here are a few other options:

One of my clients swears by A+D ointment applied directly after the wax. 1% cortisone cream will aid in the ant inflammatory response, as well as aloe. I also find that putting a mud mask (one that dries) helps stop the breakouts from coming out to an ugly head. 

There is one oil that most people don't know about that trumps all others- Neem oil. It is a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal oil that is unbelievably effective for more than just post-waxing!

One last thing. If you get waxed by someone who also gives facials, ask if she has a high frequency machine. I find that running the wand over the waxed area helps fight bacteria and soothe the skin. 

If all else fails and the breakouts still creep up, an over the counter depilatory or threading might be a better option for you. Good luck! And have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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