Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dr. Oz and Neem

Dr. Oz sure has a lot to say. Well, dammit, so do I! Hmm...I remember writing a blog about Neem Oil not too long ago. You can find it here. Well, well, well. It seems that Dr. Oz agrees with the great benefits that Neem has for your all over health! Neem is naturally, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and more. Here, Dr. Oz talks about our oral health and how this amazing plant helps beat gum disease and cancer. Did you know that there is a 75% chance of breast cancer if you have gum disease? Crazy, huh? Now, go call you dentist and get some Neem at your local health food store! There are Neem leaves, Neem toothpaste, Neem mouthwash, and more. 

 Here are Dr. Oz's guidelines to healthy gums, teeth, and fresh breath:

Investigate any changes in your oral health
Brush in the morning, at night and after meals with a soft toothbrush or African chew stick
Use a tongue scraper along the length of the tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria
Use an antiseptic mouth rinse
Floss between teeth and inside the crease where the gum and tooth meet
Keep well hydrated and avoid mouth breathing
Don't smoke or be near someone smoking (that can cause smoker's breath too!)
Try chewing on Neem leaves, green cardamom, cloves, parsley, guava peels and gum mastic for breath control
Visit the dentist regularly

Also, here is a website that will give you more information on Neem:

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