Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Wanna Know!

I wanna know who watches American Idol? I watched the auditions and a couple of the first episodes. What was all the controversy about Pia? I saw her on the Today Show, and she seemed really sweet and forgiving of what happened:

However, I don't understand what the big deal is. Apparently, they think Tween girls are swaying the votes. I personally think America should vote for the bottom two or three, and then the judges vote a person off. What do you think? 

P.S. Did you know she is dating a dancer for 'Dancing with the Stars?' How did that happen so fast?!


  1. Hi Dawn

    Thanks for visitng me over at Create With Joy! This week, we're discussing Spam and I'd love to hear your thoughts - the link is below:

    Re: Pia and the AI controversy:

    Pia was one of the best singers in the competition - vocally she has been compared to Celine Dion - and was considered to be a shot for the top - so it was a shocker when she was eliminated at 9. The judges could not save her because they used the Save on another contestant, Casey Abrams, at 11. The tween girl controversy is that the first 4 contestants to have been voted off have all been female and that tween girls - who supposedly are the voting majority - are voting for "cute boys". This was expressed by at least one of the voted off contestants this year.

    Hope this brings you up to date on all things AI!

    Ramona :-)

  2. LOL. Good thing I don't have cable because I have no clue who you were talking about until I read some news headlines.

  3. I only like to watch the silly auditions. I don't get the rest of it...