Saturday, April 9, 2011

My top 3 Mascaras

A reader asked me what mascaras I like. She wanted one that doesn't smudge, flake, or look stiff. That's a tough one! However, I do have a Top 3 list of mascaras I love. Mascara is a hard cosmetic to recommend because what works for one may not work for another. I like A LOT of lashes. And, it's always the blackest of black. I also layer my mascara probably three times before walking out the door.  I cannot handle a mascara that clumps for that reason. With that being said, here are my Top 3: 

Trish McEvoy Curling Mascara:
Let me tell you, I very, very rarely buy a mascara twice. There are just so many out there! And, I have gone back and forth to department store and CVS type mascaras. Some people will tell you that it doesn’t matter where you get it from, and it truly doesn’t. Pharmacy type mascaras are great, don’t get me wrong, but nothing compares (dept. store or pharmacy) to this mascara! It’s the only one that I have bought multiple times in a row. For one thing, I don’t need my eyelash curler when I use this, FOR REAL! Secondly, it coats each and every lash so that the definition is unbelievable. I have had friends ask me if I had on fake eyelashes. Thirdly, and probably most important for most people, it DOES NOT SMUDGE at all! Even when you wash it off (all you need is water), it comes off in lil’ tubes and doesn’t leave your under eye area smudged with residual mascaras at all! Fourthly, it leaves my eyelashes more supple and conditioned. It is a little pricey for a mascara, about 27 bucks, but so worth it! It will really last you a full 3 months. That doesn’t normally happen with drugstore brands. 

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara: 

The brush is huge, and that might take some getting used to. But, tons of mascaras have that huge brush now, so you may have already tried one! I worked with a lady who swore by DiorShow mascara. I always thought her lashes looked great, but not any better than what mine did with this $8 tube of lash ink. This is my hands-down drugstore favorite mascara. It adds tons of volume without leaving my lashes looking stiff (like my current DS brand, Maybelline One by One). You can layer and layer this stuff and it will never clump...REALLY! The bristles of the large brush are rubber and "comb" through every lash. I have not tried the waterproof version, so I can't say if that works the same. 

Cover Girl Super Thick Lash Waterproof: 
I am not a fan of waterproof mascara. Although the Trish McEvoy is water resistant, I wouldn't trust it in the pool or ocean.  I have never seen a mascara hold a curl as well as this mascara does. It can look a little stiff, but that's because it's waterproof. My lashes stayed curled, long, and thick all day.With summer coming around, and this mascara in my makeup bag, my next quest is to find a really good waterproof mascara remover. Any suggestions? 


  1. My new favorite is the Clinique Lash Doubling. It makes my eyes pop! It gives great length and thickness without clumping, and it doesn't give me raccoon eyes. My second favorite is Urban Decay's Big Fatty. I used to really like Loreal's Voluminous Carbon Black until I tried these two. I now feel like the Loreal formula is a bit runny. I've never tried any of the ones you listed, so I'll have to give them a shot when I need a new one!

  2. I use the covergirl one pictured above, or the similar one to it in pink? Is it sad I have no idea? I pay way more attention to my base!

  3. My all time fave is Maybelline Full N Soft, awesome stuff. But since they don't have it over here, I switched to Sephora brand and really liked it! I might have to try some of these now though :)

  4. I have to add in Rimmel mascaras- I've never had a bad one of those and also the maybelline ones (in the pink tube). My favouritie splurge on is Dior.

    I never see any cover girl in the UK anymore, may try some next time I visit the states :-)

    Just stopping by from FTLOB!

  5. I use the waterproof version of the covergirl lash blast - it's awesome! My lashes still look great the next morning, even. (Shh - I always forget to wash my face at night, but I don't wear makeup often so I pretend it's okay.)

    Found you via FTLOB comment love. :)

  6. yayyy i saw your post and i hoped my favorite would be on there and it is! i swear by covergirl lashblast... havent found anything better than that for the low price. everyone always asks me if i wear falsies and i just tell them i have great mascara! i hear about girls still wearing the maybelline pink and green tube and i just want to hand CG to them instead! haha

    stopped by from FTLOB... great blog!

    come visit if you get a chance :)

    Kristen@Confessions of a Graphic Design Student

    It's like morning coffee, can't go a day without it!
    My 2 favorites are Lights, Camera, Lash by Tarte and Bad Gal by Benefits.
    How fun to find a beauty blog, I look forward to reading more of your post.
    (stopping by from comment love)