Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Product Review-Avon's True Color Eyeshadow Quad

My mom and I went Avon shopping a couple of weeks ago to benefit a good cause, and I thought the shadow quads looked beautiful. They reminded me of the Chanel quads. Obviously, I was not expecting Chanel quality, but ordered them, nonetheless. I got mine in "Denim Blues." I figured that, for $9, I could afford to branch out of my normal shades.

What can I say? The packaging is a little bit flimsy, but the colors are nice.

I first applied them with the sponge applicator they come with (which never turns out well). It came out ok. I was just playing around before washing my face for the night.

The directions state to apply shade "2" or "3" (top right, bottom left) to the lid. I did one color on each eye. Apply shade "1" (top left) as the highlight under the brow. Check. Use shade "4" (bottom right) as a liner. That is quite tricky to do with the applicator in hand, unless you are going for a very smoky look. I actually put a bit in my crease for some more smoky definition.  

I wasn't that impressed. However, the next day, I used my trusty ole brushes. It worked great. The highlight shade is a little too icy blue for my liking, but I did get a lot of compliments that day on the "smokiness" of my eye. I feel as though this blue pallette would look good on brown eyes or blue eyes (yes, blue).

(not the best shot, but I tried)

The blendability of the shadows aren't the best. If you aren't that adapt in applying eyeshadow, you may want to stick to the neutral shades. But, for such a little amount of money, you are getting four pretty shades of shadow that can be used day or night. 

Bottom line? The price is great for trying a new shade and experimenting, but the blendability and degree of difficulty with the darker shades gives me frown lines.  

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. I love trying out new shades and shadow. Thanks for the review. For the money I think it is good to play around with or practice. I thought you did a great job! Pic really shows off the shades

  2. I have the neutral browns and mauve quads from Avon. They are ok. I agree they do not blend well and you really have to play around to get the look you want, but the price is right!