Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
by Dawniebee
Yes, I know this is a beauty blog. Yes, I know “Random Thoughts” aren’t the norm. But, this is me. I am a girl who has a thousand thoughts, beautiful or not, running through her mind every single day. I need to put them somewhere before I explode. Sometimes, I am just in a mood, good and bad. When a friend is busy, or my mom thinks I’m just sad or angry, and my husband has had enough of my ramblings, I will find comfort in you, Bloggies (I could say Bloggers, but I’m not sure all of you blog, therefore, you are my “Bloggies” ). These are just my random thoughts on a day to day basis. I guess you could say this page is my online diary. Beauty means a lot to me, but it’s not everything I am. Thanks for the support, Bloggies. Enjoy the randomness.   
I do not find the need for these randoms to bombard your dashboard as actual posts, so if you want to share in my randomness, just go to the tab at the top of the blog when you visit. Thanks!
Here's a little tidbit to get you started:
Dear Jackass behind me in traffic,
Didn’t your mom ever imbed in your mind the dangers of stopping on a train track? Now, not only did you just endanger yourself and your passengers, but me. I have a lovely husband and an adorable 2-year-old at home, who would not be too happy if they heard the news that some a*shole’s car smashed into me because he couldn’t wait three minutes for the light to turn green. I hope you're late to wherever it is you're going.

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  1. We are all allowed to have some randomness! LOL. Love it.