Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Poll-How do you tan?

I realize that I haven't been pulling my slack on the blog's polls. I added a new one today about tanning. I am wondering how you all tan in the summer. I choose bronzer. I used to be a sun worshiper. My friend, Becky (of Rub Some Dirt on It), and I used to lay out all day at her pool stuffing our faces with Cheez-it's and Mountain Dew, singing at the top of our lungs pretending that her neighbors could really care less if we were interrupting there afternoon siestas. Ah, those were the days. 

Now, I am trying to be safer in the sun. I had a mole removed a month ago that came back as a severe something-or-other. Basically, it was the disease right next to becoming melanoma...SCARY! The thing was the size of a freckle, I swear! It was very, very black, though. So, just a FYI, Bloggies, if you have anything that is little but very dark, you should go get it checked out. 

With that said, I will use bronzer on my face, and slather on the SPF. It's going to be hard to stay out of the sun because I will be at the pool a lot this summer with my toddler, but you won't find me baking in the sun's rays this year (as tempting as it is). If you choose this sun safe option, as well, but want to have a tan, check out my blog on the best sunless tanners

One more thing, when choosing a family safe sunscreen, look for high zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Those will give you the best broad spectrum protection, while also being gentle on your skin.

Happy {almost}Summer, Bloggies! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. I have religiously used the Jergen's Bronzer for years ... love it!!! the smell reminds me of summer throughout the year & my skin always has a bronze glow * * I've actually been thinking out about trying a spray tan as summer approaches ... nothing like sliding on that bathing suit with no "tan" ...

  2. I'm glad you're being safe, and we weren't just on my deck, we were on my ROOF!! Silly girls. SPF 4 saved us ;)

    Thanks for the link love!

  3. Bronzer is such a great idea! I've always wanted to try doing it, but nwcwe for the chance. Good for you for using it!

  4. Girl! I use bronzer too!! I like the copper tone stuff! It works really well and I always have people complementing me on how tan I am! I don't tell them how I do it! (: