Friday, May 6, 2011

Why blush is amazing...

So, it just dawned on me that I've haven't paid homage to the reason why my blog is titled the way it is. "At first Blush" is not only a play on words, it's a way of telling you all how great blush really is! I know it can be scary for most women. You imagine the hot pink rouge your grandmother used to wear and the dreaded stripe that was never blended, or worse, two bright red dots on the apples of the cheek. Well, ladies, you can relax. Blush nowadays is formulated so sheer that it is virtually fool proof (with the right tools). Using blush in the appropriate way is the number one way (next to concealer) to look more awake, and {YIKES!} younger, too! Adding a pop of color the apples of your cheeks and blending it up towards you temples not only brightens your face, but gives you that youthful glow that we all strive for. I have never been one to blush easily, even when drinking red wine. I have a friend whose cheeks will turn red at just a thought of the chance of blushing. I always thought that was so cute. Even when I workout, my whole face gets flushed and I look like a giant tomato head. No, I need to work at that glow, and blush is awesome for that!!

So, here's what you do:
Pick the right shade...
*peachy-pink for fair to medium skins 
My Picks: Nars Orgasm or Mark Good Glowing Blush in After Glo-a fantastic cheapie!) 
*pumped up, brighter pink for olive skin (think Eva Mendes):
My picks: Nars Super Orgasm or Benefit Dallas
*Orange, rust undertones for dark skin
My Picks: Mac Raizin or Mark Good Glowing Blush in Cameo Glow

Use the right brush:
* I love this one: 116 Blush brush from Mac
116 Blush Brush Quick tip: Apply blush to either side of the brush and tap the blush along the cheekbones starting at the apples of the cheeks, then blend with the clean top part of the brush. Using the sides ensures lighter and sheerer application. ALWAYS tap off excess blush BEFORE touching your cheeks. 

Blush is also really pretty after applying bronzer...just saying. I love Lorac Hot Flash Duo

I hope this makes you a little less afraid of blush. Once you master it, you will fall in love.  I LOVE it, and really can't leave the house without it. It's my secret I-look-this-awake-and-glowy-all-the-time product!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  1. Hi, I just landed here from FTLOB Fab Friends Blog Hop. I'm a brand new follower.

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    Bella Vida by Letty
    Bella Vida by Letty

    I also love all things makeup. I do need a knew brush. I've been using an estee lauder one which is great. I haven't tried Mac brushes yet.

  2. I love blush. It's subtle and amazing! Great post.

  3. I think the reason you see the big red circles or bright red on older women's cheeks is because our eyesight is failing! I swear I can't see the blush I put on, so I put on more. Then I get to work and YIKES! I see it under the lights and it's pretty bad.

  4. Hi new follower from the uk
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  5. I'm fair and a big fan of NARS Deep Throat. It is gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for sharing that, Dawn :) Since I genereally NEVER need blush on my own, I am obviously clueless about it. I'm glad I always learn something over here!