Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Obsessed With...

My favorite new summertime dress! It's great to run errands in with toddler in tow, or I can dress it up with some simple earrings, bracelet, wedges, and a solid clutch. And, get this! It was only $30 at World Market (only one of the greatest stores of our time) of all places! My mom and I were browsing through the store and I saw this dress and had to have it! I know, I know, really? Is it the superficial things in life that make me happy? Well, when I find an awesome "hippie dress" (as my Dad calls it) that completely embodies the "summertime" me, then, HELL YES!!! And, for all you bloggies that know me personally, you will take one look at it and say, "That is sooooo you." At least I think so...

That's all for now, Bloggies. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. That dress is gorgeous!! I love it, like you said, for just about anything! :) My hippie family would approve

  2. you look so cute! I just bought 4 or 5 cute summer dresses (all like $20-$30ish - i love a good deal!) that are similar. they will be my go-to wardrobe for the summer! love it!