Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Review-Mac Blot Powder

'Tis that time of  year. The heat, humidity, and sweat get me every time. My acne-prone skin hates this weather (and, frankly, so do's too hot). It's time to break out the ColorStay foundation and this amazing Blot Powder by Mac! I rarely need touch-ups...

 Blot Powder/Pressed

Now, I will tell you that I haven’t really tried many pressed powders, so I can’t compare this to a lot of the ones out there, but what I do know is I don’t care because I love this so much! I put it on over my done face with a big powder brush and it just makes my face airbrushed and fresh looking. It also feels really silky and great! I don’t need to use it much throughout the day, but when I do, it doesn’t add any color or extra “weight.” It just does what it says, BLOTS! 

*Quick tip: Try to either keep the puff washed regularly or buy extra ones as to not spread germs to your face. 

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