Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Product Review-Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Concealer

Ugh. There's a reason why these product reviews are my {mostly} favorite things. I mean, this is o.k. but I'm not in love with it. And, for $30, it should feel like love. The waterproof aspect of it is very appealing, and that's why I got it. You all know by now about my inherited dark circles. Add onto them, allergies, and a 2-year old, and you know I need some potent stuff! This covered pretty well, but I always felt as though my undereye area was a bit dehydrated, which made me look older. It is waterproof, though, which was great! But, I am onto my new love, Tarte's Smooth Operator.

Bottom line? Good waterproof quality, but lacked in moisture for the under-eye area. 

Do you have any favorite Lancome products?

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. That's good to know Dawn Darling, thanks for the tip! Stopping by from the Tuesday Hop, new follower... I'm off to powder my nose... xoxo

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