Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Fashion

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I LOVE FALL! My favorite word to describe the autumn season? Crisp...The crisp air, crisp leaves, even the apple crisp! I love it all. Some of my favorite things for fall, however, are the clothes! I love feeling cozy with sweaters, belts, and BOOTS....oh, how I love boots...

This excerpt from The Today Show was very helpful as to what trends are, well, trendy, this fall season:

Mid-length dresses and skirts go from summer (with flip-flops) to fall (with chunky heels or even flat riding boots).

"Spicy" colors are fresh and fall! Cinnamon, mustard, and cranberry are rich and inviting. Choose up to 3 colors to spice up your outfit!

Leave the white linen pants at home, but anything else white is a go after Labor Day! I love the belted off-white cardigan look to just make your outfit more sttructured and cozy.

I love TEXTURE! A sleek silhouette with a feathery vest or even, dare I say it, over-the-knee leg warmers, are the bomb!

The other fall trend that I am not so excited about is "clashing." I mean, that word just doesn't sound appealing, does it? However, if you want to mix and match, repeat colors in different patterns. Let the colors compliment each other.

What trend will you be wearing this Fall season?

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