Thursday, December 8, 2011

NBA is back!

After word that the NBA was in a lock out, I hugged my Celtics t-shirt tighter in hopes that these athletes would stop being so greedy and just sign the deals already! I mean, what would I do all winter without Ray Allen's fluid shooting, Garnett's trash talk, and Pierce's intensity? Watching football 3 days a week, I suppose. With that said, can you imagine the huge smile on my face and fists pumping in the air when I found out the C's will be squeaking their hi-tops on the court this year? Sa-weet! Now, I'm on the lookout for some really cool Celtics gear. I bought a rad (yah, I said it) winter hat last year. This year, look at what I have my eyes set on: 
Boston Celtics Women's adidas Originals Green Court Series Hooded Sweatshirt
I mean, WHAT?! The buttons and precious white Adidas stripes make this girl giddy!  Do you ever just see an item of clothing that you want so badly, you can already feel it's fabric on your body? Well, that's what this sweatshirt does for me. A pair of white Celtics tear-away pants wouldn't hurt either...

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  1. I hope Tom (I mean Santa) paid attention to this post! :) It is very you.