Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Wanna Know!

This on and off  post (I'm not sure I'll remember to do it once a week)  is dedicated to my curiosity of your thoughts on random things. You know, like celebrity looks and gossip, home remedies, beauty rituals. Things like that. Feel free to ask my opinion too. In that case, you're the one saying, "I wanna know!"

I'll start:

Do you like or dislike Jennifer Aniston's new haircut? I wanna know!

I'm gonna have to hit the dislike button on this one. I love her as a bright blonde. In fact, I would love to have that color hair. Although achievable, the upkeep would be insane for my light brown hair. I really don't like how the hair just hangs in her face. Do you ever notice how she never has her hair back? It makes me wonder what she is hiding behind there. Big ears? A huge birthmark? A scar? What? Seriously, watch old episodes of 'Friends,' and you will always notice her hair is in her face!

On the flip side, if you love this haircut, here's how to tell your stylist you want it:

An asymmetrical, shoulder length bob, with longer layers in the back and front. You want the back to only be two or three inches shorter than the front, no stacking! This is a great "starter" bob for those who love the look without going too short.