Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Fancies-Boston Edition

Friday's Fancies-Boston Edition
Today is opening day, and...IT'S FRIDAY! Wahoo! Time for another Friday's Fancies. Although it's rainy out today, that's not stopping my celebration! Off to the bars we go to watch our beloved Red Sox. 

Hey, you can take the girl out of Boston, but you can't take Boston out of the girl. I LOVE this outfit. The v-neck of the super soft comfy shirt is very sexy. And, those shorts are "out with the boys" acceptable, while showing just enough skin to be girly. I also love the long sleeve "Red Sox Nation" long sleeve from Victoria's Secret. I might just have to buy that one, or hint at the hubs for a birthday gift! Just sayin'!

The accessories are pretty kick ass, if I do say so myself. I would probably use that scarf as a belt, and if the bar got drafty (or if I've had one too many beers), it would probably make an appearance on my neck, head, or around some random guys neck...haha...

The navy and white flats are adorable. I like mixing and matching patterns. Just make sure there is at least one color that matches (ie. blue in both shoes and scarf)

The bag needs no introduction. It's the highlight of the outfit!

Last, but not least, you can bet me and my boy, Lil'C will be jammin' to Dirty Water by The Standells today!

Happy Opening Day everyone! Baseball means spring....Yippee!

What are you wearing today?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review-Natural Lip Smackers (Pink Guava)

I finally bought one of the 100% natural Lip Smackers. There were only 4 flavors to choose from, and Pink Guava sounded yummy, so that's what just happened to fall in my big red Target shopping cart. I couldn't wait to get home, so I opened it in the car to give it a try. I was immediately disappointed. I was expecting it to have a slight pink color to it or something, but it was clear. That's not really a bad thing, though. Upon reading the packaging, it is dye free. I can see how that is good, but it just doesn't compare to my Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm, which gives a very slight rosy color to the lips. However, with that said, I do love that this Lip Smackers is paraben, gluten, and dye free. Fabulous! It's cheap, too! Pink Guava does feel o.k. on my lips and gives them a fairly glossy look without being sticky and gross. Actually, it's a little more slippery than I like. 

If you are expecting the scent and flavors of regular Lip Smackers, you aren't going to get it. This one tastes kinda flowery, and the scent is just alright. It's more pure, which is great, but there is just something about that quasi plastic and artificial scent of, say, Dr. Pepper, watermelon, or bubblegum that makes Lip Smackers such a happy experience. 

All in all, I give it a frown line. There are better paraben free lip balms out there. On the flip side, there aren't that many great gluten free lip balms on the market. This one would be a great option for those who need that. 

I should of gone with my first instinct, which was to purchase the Acai Berry flavor. Ah...well...on to the next...

Have any of you tried this?

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Genius Idea

mark Pro Glimmer Hook Up Lip Powder
This idea, although not new, is GENIUS! It's called Pro Glimmer Hook Up Lip Powder by Mark. Yes, a lip powder. This is the secret makeup artists use primarily for photo shoots and glamorous nights out. Applied on top of lip stick or gloss, it gives the lips a very sexy pout, making them appear more voluptuous. You can even apply a teensy amount right on the cupid's bow for a bigger plumping effect. Apply it under the lips to create more staying power for what is on top, whether it be lipstick or gloss. The Peek color is a light pinkish/nude that would compliment most lip shades. Besides, I'm sure most of you readers out there are "nude lip" kinda gals. If not, more power to ya!! There's a color for you, too. 
Mark also has these things called "hook ups" where you have a dual sided wand, with, say, a gloss on one end and a glimmer powder on the other. Great combo! They also have a tweezer and brow gel hook up. Which, by the way, is another GENIUS idea.That might just be my next product review!
Take a look for yourself. The reviews on their website is very helpful, too! Happy shopping!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Wanna Know!

Say what?! I wanna know what your opinions are about this!

I sincerely hope that this is a much fabricated story. Apparently, it was written up in UK's The Sun, therefore leading us to believe it's very, very far fetched, or even a fish tail, BUT, if it's true, we need to discuss. 

Did you hear about the 34-year-old beautician mom who is administering Botox to her 8-YEAR-OLD daughter every 3 months? You think that's bad? She is buying the Botox from friends and the internet! Gross! Somebody call social services!

Also, she is waxing her daughter um...down there...every month, as well her legs. Did I mention she is 8-YEARS-OLD! Little girls should be playing with dolls and, at worst, making a mess of their mother's most expensive red lipstick and perfume that is saved for date nights.

Apparently, she thinks her daughter's going to be a famous star one day because of these torturement, I'm sorry, treatments, and adds, “She is a lucky little girl and is going to be famous because of the benefits I am giving her so early.”

Don't get me wrong. I really appreciate my mom being with it and realizing my unibrow might have caused lots of joking around at my expense when I was 13, and took me to wax that crap off, but that's totally reasonable. (Thanks Mom!)

This is not normal. UK's The Sun also says that she (Kerry, the mom) wants to get her (Brittany, the daughter) eyebrows permenantely arched and her lips tatooed with liner. WHAT. THE. F*CK! Pardon my French, but is this woman serious? I could go on and on and on and on and on.

But, I wanna know! What do you think of this monstrosity? 

It's terrible, just terrible. I have a softy soft spot for children growing up these days, especially girls. We need to give them a good message from the beginning that they can do anything and be anything they want to be. Being a good person and feeling good as an individual brings you much success. The message is not to inject yourself with botulism just so you can stay young looking forever...poor girl...

This woman (Kerry) needs help. I pray this story is a fluke. I really, really do. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Votes are In!

I am so surprised at how close it was! I can’t believe how many people don’t cleanse their skin at night. Come on. You know who you are. I am happy to say, though, that the majority of you do wash your face before calling it a night. Don’t get too excited. You didn’t win by a landslide, though. And, when I say “win,” that just means a little virtual pat on the back from me.

Seriously, though. Do you know how important it is to wash your face at night? Let’s see. How can I put this? Ok, think about it this way. Cars release pollutants, trash releases pollutants, bathrooms of all kinds release, well, you know what, and the pollen count is so high in some states right now that people’s noses and eyes are so red and itchy, they might scratch one off. My point is this. Think of all the pollutants in your own little world. Now, think of them smeared all over your pillow case (which I’m sure you don’t change every single day). Now think of sleeping on that same pillow case a few nights in a row. Gross, right? And, that’s not even the whole reason for cleansing your face at night.

Most of us wear makeup, which by the way acts as a tiny protection against those environmental hazards, but don’t  think that means you can get away without washing your face, because now you have a layer of day old makeup and pollutants on your skin.

We need to cleanse our skin at night, ladies, because all of the environmental hazards and pollutants on our skin actually release these little things called oxidants into our skin. Heard of them? We have ANTI-oxidants in our skincare and vitamins for a reason. Oxidants are terrible for our body’s cells. They eat away all the good things in our  organs (ahem…skin), and start the aging process more rapidly.  So, to keep it simple, that is the reason we should take one minute to wash our face at night.

Don’t forget to follow with an appropriate serum and moisturizer too, preferably one with retinol, hydroxyl acids, and/or hyaluronic acid to really treat the skin and prevent it from fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. Nighttime is the best time for this routine because your body is in a resting state, which means it is recuperating from the busyness of your day, thus rejuvenating itself for the next one.

I don’t want to hear you don’t have the time. Step away from The Biggest Loser, or 2-hour Survivor episode and do something good for yourself. It takes 5 minutes tops! Or, do what I do. Get yourself “ready” for bed once you put the kiddoes down, get home from the gym, or whatever it is you do before you veg out in front of the TV.

Trust me, you will feel so much better knowing your pillow case isn’t infested with gross stuff from the journey of your day. More importantly, your skin will start looking better. 

Now, don’t forget to vote in my new poll. I want to know what you can’t leave the house without?!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!