Friday, June 15, 2012

To Buff or not to Buff?

Who needs nail polish when a buffer does the job just as well without the hassle of chipped nail polish? I had a day to myself yesterday, and what a great day it was! As I was about to chew off my cuticles, I decided to do something I never really do. I got a manicure. I went in telling them I didn't want polish and a good cleaning of my cuticles. She did a great job and then took out this buffer thinging. It was a blog with 3 different sides (files) to it. Afterwards, I was left with clean and shiny nails! I have taken two showers, swam in a pool, and washed my hands a ton since yesterday and they are still shiny!! The best part was that I didn't pay full price for a manicure with polish. I love it! I still won't go very often. I'll probably wait until my cuticles are half way up my nail, but hey, I learned something new about buffing yesterday, and I am a huge fan. What's your favorite kind of manicure to get?

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