Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rockin' Out in Carpool

There is one song that completely takes me away every single time. It's the Calgon to my sanity. It is this:

I had it blaring (as loud as I could with little ears in the car) in the carpool lane today dropping off my 4-year-old. She and I were air guitar-ing it and I was singing and bopping away. She loved it and was following my lead.

Her teachers either a.) thought I was totally crazy b.) thought I may have put wine in my green smoothie or c.) were totally jealous that I was listening to this while they sing Mother Goose Rhymes all day. Either way, my morning was transformed. Just like this song always does, it put my mind at ease and ready to tackle another day!

What is the one song that transcends time for you?

Have a rockin' day!

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