Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Accessorize Yo Bad A$$ Self

It's the beginning of December. This time of year is crazy ass BUSY! In actuality, I think that is an understatement. My mind is a jumbled mess of things to do, make, create, wrap, buy, you name it. I find peace in doing something for me each day. Today is this badassery of accessories.
Yes, I may be playing Duplo Legos with my 1-year-old or picking up my Preschooler in carpool, but I will at least feel like myself today. I'll feel like a supermom who has her sh*t together (is there such a thing?) with my armor of awesomeness. Sometimes our youness can be hidden behind closed doors. Actually, hiding out behind closed doors doesn't sound so bad some days... ;) Anyhoo, what makes you feel like YOU today?

Have a beautiful Wednesday, Bloggies!

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