Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Embrace the Imperfect

As most moms nowadays, I am a part of my neighborhood's "mom group" on Facebook. It has its value and worth. This village I live in is full of support for one another. I love it. It's totally rad. And, really, nothing is off-limits or TMI. And people are always willing to give their honest two cents, their IMO's, IDK'S, and sometimes those rare FML's. It's all fantastic. That's why when someone posted a question regarding the quality of school pictures it really got me thinking. The astronomical price for these said pictures are not lost on me. Not only do I have to pay for one kid, now I have to pay for two! And I only get the cheapest package possible that will also keep my extended family happy and included! However, due to the craptastic quality of these pictures and the price, some have been questioning them at all. I say yes! If you can afford it, then yes! And here's why: 

* Family pictures are amazing quality, cozy, and intimate, but gosh darn it, why not have that awkward kindergarten picture to look back on and wonder what happened to your haircut? 

circa 1985
* By the time all your kids are in school, these pictures are going to cost the same as a portrait sesh with a professional but, boy, looking back on a crimped hairstyle and humungo bow just makes me smile...

circa 1987

* Lastly, why be so perfect? Why strive for every facet in our lives to be perfect. It's not. It's just not! And, it never will be. I want to remember that my son only wore green the first 2 years of school, or that he was once toothless before those adult teeth came in making him look like Peter Rabbit. I also want to remember the fakiest fake grin on my daughter because she was so excited about her new ear piercings that she actually is smiling so huge that it looks like she's not breathing. I want to remember my kids being goofy, silly, and adolescent children who don't care how other people project their lives to be; how they weren't striving for perfection. You know, we really could learn more from our kids mismatched socks, knotty hair, and chocolate or snot-stained sleeves. Life is meant to be lived... so live it! Even be so bold to just say IDGAF...